Where is your reset button?

Today I sat on a bridge listening to water with a dead cell phone by my side. Have you ever had one of those times you just felt like life needed a reset button? Or wished you had a tiny little button that you had to use a pen head to get to and hold it in for 3 seconds? Or maybe we need to unplug ourselves for a few minutes?

I have found that the reset button can look different depending on my situation or life circumstances. For me, sometimes it looks like the sun shining, the windows down, and the music so loud all the cars around can feel your vibe. It can also look like a vacation to the beach or a stay at my grandparent's home where the stars are so bright. Occasionally for me to fully reset, I have to unplug myself. Sometimes it takes 30 minutes, and other times it can take days.

After arriving at one of my favorite spots today, I realized my phone was at 6% battery. So I quickly snapped a couple of pics and immediately after my phone died. Out of instinct, I wanted to walk back to my car and put it on charge, but something told me to sit there. I needed it. I needed the reset.

You know what happens when your phone dies and you sit on a bridge by yourself for 40 minutes? You notice things. Things that otherwise you would be too distracted to notice. They are small things, not things that change lives or provide monumental breakthroughs. They are just things you realize you would have never seen had you been looking down.

I'm using this blog entry just as a way to document all the things I noticed today with a dead phone at my side.

  • I noticed this large rock the water was crashing into; such little water was actually making its way over the top of the rock.

  • On the railing in front of me, I noticed someone had taken a black marker and drawn a ghost on a skateboard going off a ramp with a smile on its face. It had the initials JK underneath.

  • I noticed below me there were two geese. At first glance, I thought they were babies, but then realized I was just so high above them they appeared small.

  • I noticed how I could feel the moment someone stepped on the bridge, how the boards sounded with every step they took.

  • I noticed how many cars were buzzing by with the highway close by over the bank.

  • I thought the geese had flown away, but I saw them tucked in together next to a rock when I looked closer. It looked as if they were sheltering each other from the water crashing.

  • The weather was cool but tolerable, after a few minutes of the wind blowing, I would rub my hands down my legs to warm up, and like it was a sign, the cloud would part, and I would get a ray of sunshine just long enough to warm me back up.

  • Lastly, I noticed that I felt ok without access to the world through my phone. I felt safe. I didn't feel the urge to check my email, scroll mindlessly, or answer any calls. Instead, I used this time to be present not only with my surroundings but with myself and my feelings.

Thought of the day, we can all use a good reset every once in a while. So don't forget to unplug yourself occasionally to let your battery recharge.


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