The Creative Void

As a person who has to use creativity in my day-to-day every day, I know the meaning of creative burnout. The weight of the world and personal troubles don't help with that either. Sometimes it can feel like there's a void in your mind just sucking all the fun out of your ideas. Here's the secret, The Creative Void has a door, and we can lock that motherf*cker.

As soon as that feeling of imaginative despair creeps in, I immediately stop and assess. I can't solve a problem if I don't know why it's there in the first place. So what is the root of the deprivation? Is it from lack of sleep, food, or good old-fashioned dopamine? I can't expect my body and mind to produce more than it takes in; there's always a balance. Bottom line, you need to go to that happy place that refuels you: a good show, a quick distraction, a warm meal.

Now that we've satisfied that balance, let's start to look at the project with fresh eyes. Doing something new like going for a random walk, learning a quick skill, or conversing with someone you haven't talked to in a while will spark new brain patterns. And new brain patterns = bursts of creativity. Think about it; you are literally a different person than when you last looked at that task. So be confident in letting your deep conscious take over from here.

That is the natural process of finding inspiration, but I would be a fool if I didn't tell you about that quick hit, artificial inspiration you can find all over your browser. I'm talking Pinterest; I'm talking Instagram; I'm talking internet, baby. Be warned that too much time on these platforms WILL contribute to the void, so do set a timer you scroll troll.

What are you waiting for? You've already locked the door! Go back to your project and start to show The Creative Void, who has got the keys now.

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