Real is Relatable

Raw content is the new photoshop. Authentic and genuine is what people want to see while scrolling through their feeds. This wave of real and relatable content is refreshing, but will it last?

Over time, we have watched many trends come and go on social media. Our feed was once full of unrealistic expectations that would give us false information. Obviously, that perfect aesthetically pleasing post will still come up on social media, but people want to relate to the content they see. Companies have taken advantage of this new era and are embracing untouched photos and realistic content. Trends can sometimes be hard to get behind, depending on the brand, but real is universal to everyone.

Not only is real something everyone can portray, but it's also easy to produce. Capturing moments behind the scenes is an easy way to get started. People want to know what's going on, so showing what goes into the final product is a great way to be authentic with your followers. Yes, the pretty and perfect work will still get to be admired, but the process of getting to that point could be just as influential as the result.

Real is relatable. People find it easy to understand and connect with, so it drives more engagement with followers. People want to support a brand that is genuine and original, so showing that on your social media platforms is the best way to display a brand's authenticity.

Real is fresh and creative. It's often a different approach for some brands to take on, but it might be worth the try. So ask yourself, how will you show your real?

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