Let’s Tackle Branding

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Looking at a successful brand for inspiration can be overwhelming because many moving parts make up a brand. Let's start from the top and dissect what makes these brands so successful—first, the logo. The logo is the image that sums up your business in a memorable way. The style and depth of logos can vary from a simple logotype to a detailed icon. The usage of your logo and the appropriateness of it will determine what direction to go in. How will your logo be used? Will it be printed small on tags and packaging? If so, your logo should be flexible and remain legible at any size. The appropriateness of the logo is also a huge consideration. You wouldn't use a skull for a childcare center or a whimsical cursive font for an accountant service.

After creating the appropriate logo, you can build the branding off of the logo. Every step of the process builds off one another, maintaining consistency and making it easier for you. Rely on the core beliefs of your business to guide you. Are you playful or serious? Dependable or casual? Decisions such as colors, icons, and typography all go into building your voice through visuals. Bright colors send signals of happiness and youth, while muted colors bring an earnest approach. Even typefaces translate moods that we might not consciously acknowledge. Serif typefaces have a classic, trustworthy quality about them. If you wanted a more refined, modern choice, you would likely choose a sans serif.

How people interact with your brand is the final step to a successful brand. Who is your demographic, and where can you find them? Can you use humor to relate to your audience, or should you use a sympathetic perspective? Being real and honest with your consumers will create relationships that last generations. You can achieve this by sharing your personal or business story. Sharing your story sets you apart from the competition and makes you instantly relatable. Digital marketing is the new up and coming force that not only provides a space for your story but allows others to share on your behalf.

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