Consistency is Key

Do you ever wonder why your social media followers are down? Why you haven't gotten a comment in weeks? Or why do you go from getting 100 likes to 30? It could be because of a lack of consistency on your social media platforms. Consistency plays a major role in successful social media marketing. Not only does that mean posting often, but it also refers to the content being put out. The key to a well-rounded, successful social media account is consistency in all areas.

Posting consistently on social media platforms allows for your brand to grow a following. It shows your followers that you are attentive and care about your brand as well as its image, which will lead to a loyal following. Growing your loyal following is a key factor in social media marketing, so develop a schedule that works for your brand and start posting consistently.

Not only is posting consistently important, but consistent interaction also plays a big role in keeping a loyal following. People want to feel heard, so if there is interaction between your brand and followers, it's important to respond promptly and be persistent.

Consistency with content is what makes your brand recognizable. People should be able to scroll through their feed and point out your posts amongst the other media. A brand's content should be a representation of who they are, which should be visible in each post.

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