Build Your Brand With These 5 Social Media Strategies

1.) Give it away - Freebies & Resources.

Social Media is filled with people asking for things, i.e., "like this post, follow here, buy our products" when you give information away, you give your followers a reason to come back to your profile. When you're trying to build a brand, one thing that helps is establishing yourself as an industry expert by sharing knowledge with others online and giving them a reason to follow your page. Another great way to get in front of people is hosting an ongoing Q&A session! Answering questions will help build brand awareness while giving potential customers an idea about your level of expertise.

2.) Be Relatable - Connect with your audience.

Sharing "behind the scene" posts about what you are doing at work or even over the weekend let people see another side of your personality that they might not be able to do in person. In addition, when users consistently follow these posts, they will become more familiar with who you are as a person and relate to you and your business.

3.) Engage With Your Neighbors.

When building a brand, we know engagement is essential. We measure our likes, follows, and shares to optimize growth and continue to give the followers what they engage with most. But if you are constantly seeking engagement and not providing it, you are doing it all wrong. Social Media is "social." Follow the pages of business owners in your area, seek out other business profiles in similar industries and join your online community groups. Then like their post, share relatable content, tag other business owners, comment when they ask a question, ENGAGE with them!

4.) Visualize Your Brand.

When posting to social media, do you have a consistent feel? Think of this, if someone didn't see the name of your Instagram page and was looking at the post would they be able to recognize your company and what products or services you sell? Are you using the same color palette throughout all your post? Need help with designing posts? Or, if you are already using Canva, be sure to read our blog "Canva vs. The Designer" here.

5.) Establish Your Brand Voice - Be you.

Dr. Suess says it best "there is no one alive that is you-er than you." Find your brand voice and continue to speak that to your audience. Just like visualization, your brand voice and tone will provide a consistent theme to your followers and allow them to relate, connect and understand your brand.

BONUS TIP: Have fun!

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